Birthday Wishes for Friends

Unique Birthday Wishes for Friends

Birthdays only come once a year, and your friendship only comes once a lifetime.

Don’t count the candles,but see the light they give. Don’t count your years but the life you live. Happy Birthday.

Even though celebrations might look a bit different this year, you’re always the life of the party—over Zoom, and all. Happy birthday!

Every year on your birthday, I get reminded of how much you mean to me as a best friend.

Happy birthday to my crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! I love you to the moon and back and am so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we’ve shared this year. I hope you have a great day!

Happy birthday to my fabulous, witty, kind, brilliant best friend. There is no one else I’d rather spend the day with. Let’s go celebrate and have some fun!

Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy birthday to my gorgeous friend, you’re the best! I hope you have a brilliant day.

Happy birthday to my partner-in-crime and my favorite person!

Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity.

Has anyone told you today how great you are? Because I think you’re the bee’s knees, the greatest thing since sliced bread, out of this world… basically I think you’re the best! Have a great birthday, my brilliant, fabulous best friend.

Here’s my annual reminder that there’s no one like you! Wishing you the best birthday!

I hope you know how much you’re loved today, best friend! Happy birthday!

I hope you’re enjoying your special day—may life continue to bring you the best days ahead. ????

I never guessed when we first met that we’d become best friends or all the silly memories we’d make together! Thanks for all the fun adventures, and here’s to many more in the coming year!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

It’s time to party and make your birthday as special as you are! I hope your day is fantastic, and the year ahead even better still. Happy birthday!

It’s your birthday, let’s party! Cake – check. Candles – check. Drinks – check. Gift – check. Coolest birthday girl ever – check!

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. Happy Birthday to my best friend!

My best friend was born today! Where would I be without you?

Sending you nothing but positive vibes on your birthday ❤️

Stay true to who you are, you are an amazing person, and the best ever friend a person could hope for! Have a fantastic birthday and a great year ahead.

Thank you for being the brightest person I know. Hope to see you shine for years on!

Birthday Wishes for Female Friends

Thank you for living your life in a way that makes every day worth celebrating. Happiest of birthdays!

Thanks for being my turn up partner, venting partner, and everything in between! Enjoy your day!

There are friends and then there are best friends, happy birthday to the best friend I could have asked for!

Wishing I could spend your birthday with you, but know you’re on my mind and in my heart ♥️

You deserve all the cake, happiness, and love today. Happy birthday and #treatyourself!

You shine so much brightness and joy into the lives of everyone around you. Thanks for being such an amazing person and best friend, and I hope that today on your birthday, some of that brightness shines right back at you!

You’re like a sister to me. Cheers to many more birthdays glowing together.

Wishes for Friends Birthday

You’re making a beautiful life for yourself—enjoy it, especially today!

You’ve grown so much in one year. I’m always so proud of you! Happy Birthday.

You’ve been there for me through all my ups and downs, and I hope you know I’m always here for you too. Thanks for being such a wonderful best friend. I hope you have a great birthday, and the year ahead is the best yet!


Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes

I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughter! Sending many good wishes to you on your special day.

Cheers to the nights that turned into mornings and the friend that turned into family. Happy Birthday!

Cheers to you for another trip around the sun!

Congratulations on your birthday! Wishing you a truly fabulous day.

Distance is nothing to the person who means everything! Happy Birthday!

Every cool person has an even cooler best friend! Happy Birthday!

Happiness is seeing your best friend grow up with you! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday best friend! I’m so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we’ve had together this year. Here’s to many more!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

Happy birthday to a dear friend! I hope you have a very special day and a wonderful year ahead!

Happy birthday to my best buddy! I hope you have a good one.

Happy birthday to my irreplaceable best friend.

Happy birthday to my ride or die. Love you bunches!

Happy birthday to such a fabulous friend! Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead.

Happy birthday to such a great [guy/gal/friend], I hope you have a fun day today!

Happy birthday! Here’s to more life, love, and adventures with you to come!

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day today, and the year ahead is full of many blessings.

Happy birthday! Love you lots and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you [tonight/on the weekend etc]. Thanks for being such a great friend!

Hello to a new year with an even better YOU! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

I hope you’re treated like the queen you are today, my friend ????

It’s your birthday, let’s get up to some mischief!

Let’s celebrate, it’s your birthday! Wishing you an awesome day and a brilliant year ahead!

Life is more fun with you at my side! Let’s make this birthday memorable!

Many happy returns on your birthday! I know this past year has had some tough times but I hope that the coming year brings you the good fortune you deserve. You’re a great friend and I am so thankful for your presence in my life.

My wish for you is that you get all of your birthday wishes this year ????

Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!

Today is about you. I can’t wait to celebrate you all day long!

We’re gonna sip [insert BBF’s favorite drink] like it’s yo birthday ????

Birthday Wishes for Friends Mom

Wishing you 24 hours of joy, though you deserve a lifetime of it.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best for the coming year. Thanks for being such a great friend!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead! Thanks for being such a great friend.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many more that top the year before!

You’re not just my best friend, you’re the best period! Happy Birthday!

You’re such a generous, kind, fabulous person, and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. Wishing you an extra special birthday and best wishes for the year ahead.


Funny Birthday Sayings

Don’t worry, they are not gray hairs, they are wisdom highlights. You just happen to be extremely wise!

[insert age] is a perfect age. You’re old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Happy birthday!

A wise man once said, “Forget about your past, you cannot change it”. I’d like to add: “Forget about your present, I didn’t get you one”.

A: Your age!

Birthday calories don’t count so next drink is on me! ????

Congratulations, you’ve finally reached the wonder years… wonder where your car is parked? Wonder where you left your phone? Wonder where your glasses are? Wonder what day it is?

Don’t forget to smile awkwardly as everyone sings you happy birthday today!

Don’t think of it as getting older, think of it as becoming a classic.

Don’t let aging get you down. It’s too hard to get up again!

Appreciation for Birthday Wishes from Friends and Family

Don’t stress about your eyesight failing as you get older. It’s nature’s way of protecting you from shock as you walk past the mirror.

Happy birthday to my forever young friend!

Happy birthday to this dime in her prime!

Happy birthday. It took you [BFF’s age] years to look this good!

Happy birthday. It took you [insert age] years to look this good!

Hey you! It’s your birthday! Cake! Candles! Drinks! Presents! More drinks! Can you tell I’m excited?

How do you know you’ve hit middle-age? In preparation for a big sneeze, you cross your legs really hard and hope for the best!

How many birthdays have we spent together now? I guess it’s official—you’re stuck with me.

I thought you get finer and wiser with age? Well, there’s always next year ????

If you’re getting old, that means I am too!

It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friends who are your diamonds!

It’s OK to light the candles on your birthday cake now; I’ve already alerted the fire department!

Middle age… when “happy hour” is a nap!

Q: What goes up and never comes down?

Naughty Birthday Wishes for Friends

Those aren’t gray hairs you see. They’re strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head. You’re just ready to party!

Woah, time flies when you’re having fun! How’d we get so old?

You suck at aging! Can you at least try to look older?

You suck at aging! Can you at least try to look older?

You’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, happy birthday!

You’re how old?! Better take that cake outdoors to light the candles! Have a very happy birthday.

You’re not getting older… just more distinguished! Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends

A good friend knows all your best stories. A best friend has lived them with you.

~ Unknown


True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

~ Nicole Richie


One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca


It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Good friends don’t let you do stupid things… alone.

~ Unknown


We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the bad influence!

~ Unknown


What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

~ Aristotle


Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time.

~ Unknown


Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.

~ Misty Copeland


Friendship isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things.

~ Unknown

Best Birthday Wishes Messages for Friends

Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway.

~ Unknown


Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life.

~ Unknown







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